Saturday, August 28, 2010

Macbook Pro 13" :-D

I just got a Macbook Pro 13" and I'll have to admit that it's probably the best machine I've ever owned.
I used to be an avid Apple/Mac hater but I think that this laptop has convinced me to reevaluate my
position on the war. 

I love the design.  It is amazing how they fit so much power into such a small and sleek package.  It feels
VERY sturdy too which is something that I wouldn't expect from a smaller computer.  The screen...
is amazing as well.  The colors are so vibrant and accurate.  I can't believe that this computer is this good.

I purchased it from Micro Center with the 3 year warranty because I figured that I'd like some peace of mind if I plopped down a grand on a new laptop. 

I'm not too happy with Mac OSX Leopard though because although it is pretty, I experience some weird lockups. 

I haven't messed around with it enough to fall in love with the special programs like iWeb or Garage Band.  I'm hoping that I begin to like those as well. 

I used to clown my brother so much because he's such a Mac fan.  I understand its flaws and shortcomings but I'm sick and tired of dealing with PC problems such as viruses and general operating system degradation.

Your Thoughts?


  1. I too have a MacBook 13". I bought the first UniBody series! ;D
    It is a great peace of techanogoly.

    I never had lockups ... Check for updates as well as for updated for you programs. :)

  2. Mac's are pretty decent if you don't want to skip all the windows problems, however, no gaymes.

  3. Cool man, pc still rocks.

    Follow me back please : )


  4. I've used one before, indeed it looks amazing! Maybe one day I'll save up to get one :)

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  6. i have one too i love it